Directions to Ross Lake Camps through Ashland, ME

Take I-95 North to the Sherman/Patten Exit at Route 11.  Take Route 11 North approximately 60 miles until you come into the small town of Ashland, Maine.  Once in Ashland, Route 11 is also Main Street.  You will come to the Ashland One Stop Variety Store on your left and Shell Gas station on your right, this is your last chance for fuel before entering the woods.  Continue past the Gas Station another 1/4 mile to the stop sign at the 4-way intersection...the Post Office will be on the corner ahead of you.  Turn left here to continue on Route 11, and you will immediately be heading downhill.  Pass by the IF&W building, cross a set of train tracks, cross the Aroostook River and come to a 3 way intersection where you will be looking at a small trailer park directly in front of you.  Turn left here and follow this road just a little more than a mile.  You will come to the Gateway Variety Store on your right hand side.  This is your last chance to purchase any soda, beer, batteries, fishing lures, or other miscellaneous items.  As you pass the Gateway Variety, the road splits...take the right split to enter the woods.  You will be on dirt road within 1/2 a mile after the store, and there will be a Cedar Mill on your left and a Bio Mass plant on your right.  You are now on the American Realty Rd. and 83 miles from our lodge and camps.

Go 6 miles and follow the sharp curve around to the left.  Stop at the gatehouse here to register and officially enter the North Maine Woods.  Bear to the right just past the gate house to stay west on the American Realty Rd.

You will be staying west on the American Realty Rd. for another 57 miles until you reach Clayton Lake.  Here are landmarks to look for along your way.
   1.  A big Mobil Gas sign at Machias Lake Camps around mile marker 20
   2.  Pratt Lake Campsite around mile marker 33
   3.  The Musquacook Lakes around mile marker 45
   4.  Umsaskis Bridge crossing over the Allagash Waterway around mile marker 57

Once you reach Clayton Lake and the logging camps there, continue west on the American Realty Rd. another 6 miles where you will see one of our Ross Lake Camps signs pointing left down the Poulin Rd.  GO PAST THIS. 

Continue another 4 miles west to a large 4 way intersection where there is another of our Ross Lake Camps signs.  Turn Left here onto the Thibideaux Connector Rd. 

Stay south on the Thibideaux Connector 4.5 miles until you come to a 3 way intersection.  Turn Left here onto the Ross Lake Rd.

Go 1 mile and turn Right onto the St. Juste Connector Rd.

Go 2.2 miles and turn Left onto the Ross Lake Camps Rd.

Follow this road 3.3 miles to the end, and find the driveway entrance to our camps on your left hand side.