To Ross Lake From Millinocket

I-95 North and Exit at the Medway/Millinocket Exit

Follow Route 11 West toward Baxter State Park…you will go thru the town of East Millinocket and then the town of Millinocket.  Just after passing thru Millinocket you will see Katadin General Store and gas on your left side.  This is the last chance for gas/bait/food/beer/general supplies before entering the woods.  Be sure to zero out your tripometer at this store.

Continue on toward Baxter State Park (approx 8 – 10 miles) until you see a trading post on your right side and a sign for Katadin Air Service on your left (the road you are on here dead ends into a snow mobile trail in the winter time).  At the flying service sign turn left onto the road that is adjacent to you.  This is the Golden Rd.

Continue West on the Golden Rd. past Abol Bridge and Chewonki Campground until your tripometer reads mile 27.  Turn right here onto the Telos Rd.  You will immediately be on Telos Bridge over the Penobscot River.  Be sure to zero out your tripometer again here on the bridge.

Continue on the Telos.  Register at the North Maine Woods Gate, and pass the Telos gatehouse at mile 14.3.  Continue straight until your tripometer reads 22.8 and your road will dead end into a “T” intersection.  The big parking lot for Chamberlain Lake will be directly in front of you.  Turn left here onto the Umbazookus Rd.

Continue until your tripometer reads 29.2, and you will turn right here onto the Grand Marche Rd.  Continue on and pass a logging camp at mile 41.2.

Continue on to mile 44.8 and stay left onto the Narrow Pond Rd.

At mile 59.3 turn right onto the St. Juste Rd.  At mile 61.5 there is a big sign that says Maximum Weight 230,000, go straight thru here.

At mile 66.9 there is a road on your right hand side with a sign that says “Brunos Road“, turn right onto this St. Juste connector Rd.

Go approximately another 9 - 10 miles and look for a 4-way intersection where you can make a right hand turn onto the Ross Lake Camps access Rd.  This intersection is as you come down a hill, and it is right at mile marker 38 on the St. Juste Connector Rd.

Go 3.3 miles to the entrance to Ross Lake Camps.


Leaving Ross Lake Camps to Millinocket


Zero out your tripometer before leaving!
Go 3.3 miles out the camp road to the 4-way intersection and turn left onto the St. Juste connector Rd.

At 10.6 miles turn left onto the St. Juste Rd.

At 18.2 turn left onto the Narrow Pond Rd.

At 32.9 bear right onto the Grande Marche Rd.

At 48.6 turn left onto the Umbazookus Rd.

At 55 turn right onto the Telos Rd. at Chamberlain Parking Lot

At 63.5 continue on past the Telos checkpoint gate

At 77.8 you will dead end into the Golden Rd.  Go left to get to Millinocket or right to get to Greenville