Deer Hunting in Maine

Deer Hunting in Maine at Ross Lake Camps

Deer Hunting in Maine at Ross Lake CampsGeneral firearms season in Maine opens approximately the first Monday in November each year and runs 4 consecutive weeks.

Deer population numbers in this area in the mid to late 2000's were at low levels due to an incredibly high snowfall and extended winter in 2008, coupled with another harsh winter and predation problems. In the last 3 years however, we have seen remarkable bounceback. There still is not a buck hiding behind every tree, but there there are plenty of big woods bucks to take a track on these days, and hunters are all seeing deer whether they connect or not.

This is the land of the big woods... where hunters dream of matching their wits on the ground against their quarry on a fresh blanket of snow. We are once again seeing these great days! The purchase of an additional black bear tag gives the opportunity for a 2 big game species hunt. Small game hunting for grouse and snowshoe hare is already included on your license.

Our highly remote northern location provides two valuable advantages for our hunters. First, early season snow for tracking seems to be the rule rather than the exception in this area. We also have the least amount of hunting pressure in the state of Maine due to our remote location in the woods.

At this time we offer two options for week long deer hunting trips:

1.) Lodging only in a private camp fully outfitted for meal preparations. Arrive on Sunday - depart the following Sunday. $300 per person plus Maine tax.

2.) Lodging as above plus evening meal service in the main lodge house every night for the week long hunt. $525 per person plus Maine tax.

* Double occupancy required for all deer hunts.


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