Ice Fishing in Maine

Ice Fishing Guarantee


Muskie Fishing MaineIf you book a guided ice fishing trip at Ross Lake Camps, and bring live smelt with you, we will guarantee your catch on our Lake! Meal plan trips include all you can eat family style breakfasts and dinners in our lodge and an authentic wilderness lunch, cooked and served by your guide on the lake while fishing. We supply all tip-ups, terminal tackle, and drill your holes for you. We also, will supply snowmobile transportation around the lake if you do not have your own sled. We also have ice shacks to keep you warm and dry while out on the lake. Required bait will be 6 – 8 dozen smelt and depending on availability, will cost approximately $35 - $50(not included in the package price). Due to our remote location, each group of customers is required to carry in their own bait. If needed, we can get you in contact with a bait dealer that will be on your way to the camps, and will provide instructions on handling your bait on the trip here.


Simply put, because we have extensive knowledge of the lake, and are familiar with the techniques and tackle that are best at producing a good catch on this lake. Also, wouldn’t it be nice to go on an ice fishing trip to a remote location, only packing clothes, drinks, and a sleeping bag? Pick up some bait on the way, and you’re all set! Ross Lake is an unstocked, naturally reproducing wilderness jewel. Don & Andrea fish approximately 60 of the 90 days of season, and have learned much about the lake and the fish that it holds. Many days, they have caught in excess of 20 fish and practice catch and release religiously; however, Ross Lake Camps’ customers are welcomed to take a few fish to enjoy the remarkable table fare they provide. The average Togue here comes in at just under the 5 pound mark, with fish that regularly tip the scales at 6 pounds or better. Our personal best last season was a 9 pounder. Brookies are 100% native and normally go in the 1 – 2 pound range. The Cusk can almost be caught at will at night, and average in the 1.5 – 2 pound range, with a heavy fish of 7.5 pounds last year. Our Whitefish population is what we are most proud of here. The numbers and size of Whitefish that we have here simply can not be found anywhere else. Whitefish are awesome fighters, and a trophy fish in the 3 pound range on this lake is a very realistic goal. Our largest has been one that scraped the 4 pound mark on the scale. Come give us a try, and make us live up to our guarantee. You won’t be disappointed!!

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